Why Plan Your Next Sri Lankan Excursion with Yoho?

Located just south of the Indian subcontinent, mesmerizing Sri Lanka is truly the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. With its lush green mountains, clear turquoise water, vast stretches of sandy beaches, and the heartwarming smiles of locals, Sri Lanka is a traveler’s paradise. If Sri Lanka is on your travel bucket list for the year, you should plan your itinerary at the earliest in order to grab the best deals.

In your quest for affordable accommodation on the island, Yoho is a trusted partner. Boasting a vast network of hotels and Villa in over 15+ cities throughout the country, Yoho is revolutionizing the domestic travel and hospitality sector in Sri Lanka. We offer every convenience of a classic Bed and Breakfast while adding a whole bunch of travel amenities for our guests to enjoy. Through our policy of offering the best hotel experience to patrons every time across a wide price band.

Every Yoho property promises cleanliness, hot water, TV, and breakfast apart from a list of secondary amenities including Wi-Fi and AC. We provide the largest catalogue of budget hotels in Sri Lanka for clients to choose from at the most competitive rates.

Our Story

Since our inception in 2016, we have progressed from operating with a small group of hotels to over 100 properties throughout Sri Lanka. Apart from budget hotels, our collection also includes some of the best luxury villas in Sri Lanka. Our journey continues with new properties being added to the list frequently, offering a better proposition to our valued patrons.

When you book your stay with us, our team ensures that you never have to worry about accommodation. We take our promise of Quality, Affordability and Customer Experience very seriously, and our staff play a hands-on role in setting things in motion at the grassroot.

The Yoho Promise

Yoho can make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf. We intend to keep our promise of offering high-quality living experience to our clients across all properties while offering the best rates without compromising on luxury or security. If you would like to know more about the perks of traveling with Yoho, follow the link to our website and book your stay today! best luxury villas in sri lanka