What Makes Yoho the Ideal Sri Lankan Travel Partner?

Affectionately called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers a myriad of locations to explore for the modern traveler. Boasting a diverse landscape, coupled with an equally diverse ecosystem, the island is home to mysterious hill towns shrouded in fog, damp waterfalls, and vast tea plantations.

On the other hand, there are picturesque beaches, trendy pubs, retro-futuristic living spaces and a trendy nightlife. This stark contrast is what makes Sri Lanka the ideal holiday destination. The country is gradually emerging from the wreckage of a decade-long civil war, and modernization efforts are in full swing.

Contrary to many pre-conceived notions of Sri Lanka being generically unsafe to travel, the locals are the friendliest bunch you will encounter. Stepping in to assist foreigners or simply striking a conversation at any given opportunity. Most Sri Lankans understand and speak English to a certain degree. Hence, communication is not a major challenge. What is challenging, however, is finding the best accommodation at the lowest price. This is where Yoho steps in.

What is Yoho?

Yoho is a one-stop solution to all your hotel booking woes in Sri Lanka. With a vast assortment of 100+ properties spread over 15+ cities across the country, Yoho offers the best deals on luxury living on the island. Since our inception in 2016, Yoho has helped thousands of people find their ideal accommodation in Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka.

Initially working with only a handful of hotels, Yoho gradually spread to major cities and smaller towns. Our properties include boutique hotels in Colombo, resorts, homestays, guest houses, villas, and bungalows throughout Sri Lanka. As the first domestic aggregator of budget hotels in the country, we are revolutionizing the travel and hospitality industry by lending our custom touch.

Benefits of Booking Your Stay on Yoho

At YOHO we follow a smart pricing strategy that determines the best rates for all available properties for the day. Every accommodation booked through our website comes with the YOHO promise of cleanliness, AC, TV, wi-fi, and breakfast. We aim to offer the highest standards of hospitality throughout your stay and ensure a memorable holiday experience.

Smart technology is the key to our foundation and a vital element of our sustainable hospitality ecosystem. The perks of which include a hassle-free virtual accounting database containing every booking and payment detail, and a 24x7 dedicated helpdesk to address queries. So, the next time you are looking for a accommodation, check out Yoho!