Why Partner with Yoho – The YOHO Guarantee

As more and more foreigners visit Sri Lanka every year, the country’s aging hospitality management sector fails to keep up with the expectations. This has led to a gaping hole in the demand and supply chain. A void that Yoho aims to fill.

With a portfolio comprising of over 100 hotels across 15+ cities throughout Sri Lanka, Yoho is the fastest growing domestic hotel aggregator in the country. Conceived back in 2016, Yoho quickly expanded from working with a handful of hotels to being one of the largest hotel-booking gateways, within the span of a few years.

We continue to grow and add more properties to our list, opening up avenues for effective and viable partnership opportunities, while offering our valued patrons a larger collection of luxury living spaces to browse. Our list of properties includes some of the best hotels in Sri Lanka. From luxury boutique hotels to luxury villas Sri Lanka, guests will find it all under the YOHO banner.

The Perks of Signing Up with Yoho

We offer unmatched benefits to our service partners, and work closely to help realize their business aspirations. At YOHO we believe everything is achievable, provided there is a clear plan of action. With consistent support from our partners, coupled with our effective customer reach and beneficial partnership programs, every member of the YOHO team strives to create a sustainable hospitality ecosystem.

Delving deeper into the subject, here is a list of the top 3 reasons a partnership with Yoho can be mutually beneficial.

  1. Robust Marketing Strategy – Behind every successful business venture is a time-tested marketing funnel. However, not every individual is capable of investing the required resources that a business venture demands. This is where YOHO’s resources come into the picture. Our elaborate network of demand generation channels backed by a dedicated team of professionals in charge of consistently developing innovative strategies helps us reach out to a wider audience base.
  2. Executive Assistance – At YOHO we have set a strict protocol that every partner needs to follow. From the moment you get on board, you agree to abide by YOHO’s standards. As our partner hotels quickly adopts our guidelines, our patrons receive the highest standards of hospitality reminiscent of Yoho. We are also considering the possibility of initiating staff training programs in the near future.
  3. Transparency – At YOHO we secure the highest level of operational transparency through end-to-end technological integration. Our partner hotels are aware of every minute detail related to each booking. With the help of special tools like our partner portal, our partners can access the backend at their leisure, without geographic constraints.

If you own luxury boutique hotels or luxury villas Sri Lanka and would like to promote your business, sign up with Yoho’s partnership program today!